Friday, June 10, 2011

Doodles, Doodles, Doodles...

Yeah, its summer.

Been working on some comics, thumbnails, and oh yes...DOODLES! @__@

Just to prove that I am still a major geek. Here be the marvelous Green Lantern, or Hal Jordan, or whatever. 

And just to add more fuel to the geeky-comic-book-nerd flame: Tis SUPERMAN...I mean Clark Kent. 
 Holy crap its Clark Kent gone wild! lol

@__@ Okay so now that's over with. Now for Mewstache Kitty silliness...

That's all I got for now. Till next time.

Gah, I need real food...


  1. Oh my, SUPERMAN art :3 ...*ducks and covers*