Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HEROES CON: PART III: Moe Pics and Some Other Stoof

Okay so this is gonna be the finishing post for Heroes Con unfortunately. I had so much fun at this con that I just want to jump in a time machine and go enjoy it all over again. Yes I will be that weird person...

Anywho a few more pics to make everyone happy :D

Now, I had already went off on posting pics before like the giddy, geeky, comic-book nerd that I am. Pointing out all the lovely things that I had enjoyed, and yet I had neglected to actually TALK about what the hell ACTUALLY happened at the con.

Of course Friday was slow, Sheila and I got there and were so overwhelmed by it all that our brains were reduced to nothing but puddles of goo leaking from our ears. We met with a bunch of artist, like Becky Cloonan and Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, where we had turned into giggling fangirls (to which I might add, I TRIED very hard not to look like a bumbling idiot).

Later on we met with teh lovely Meredith (who I highly recommend checking out her site) to where we continued on into the craziness that was the after hours of Heroes Con in the Westin Hotel.

On Saturday was pretty much scoping out as much as we could. We stopped by Cheeks table and I gots ma book that I posted recently (to which I got my free sketched headshot :D and a few pointers on to actually how to draw correctly, which I was VERY thankful for)

Pic taken by teh Lovely Sheila :3

   Yeah, the moment where this pic was taken I was thinking "Please dont let me blink and look rediculous in this picture..." Pics taken my teh lovely Sheila I might add. Check out her blog :D
Tis the sketch that Cheeks drew for me in the book I bought from him. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the Flash lol

It was a little later after that, that we met up with my friend Paul and his friend Dave for lunch where more disturbing, crazy conversations ensued. Fun bunch of kids to hang out with, always expect something new and interesting :P

Then it was off! Back to the Con where we split up and went our separate ways to explore, conquer and...well check out all the cool stuff. Meandering through the crowd, I was able to find Josh Adams (you know, son of Neal Adams and can draw awesomely) where I had a chance to talk with him and earn a free sketch of (who else XD) the Flash.

I apologize for the crappy pic. Twas trying to make it darker. BUT! Nonetheless it was pretty cool how it drew it for me. He even offered so advice on artwork if I would ever need it (which I will). 
A few more rounds through the convention, I finally met up with Sheila where later we had to bid goodbye to Paul and Dave (which sucks cause we dont know when we're going to see him again D: ). 

Then there was (you guess it) MORE CRAZINESS!

Okay now, earlier that Saturday I had met up with Alexander (to which I had previously posted about) aka SUPERMAN, to where I had taken a picture and went on my way. To my surprise he met up with me later on Saturday night at the Westin and we mingled...till nearly 3am in the morning. Do not fret my peoples, twas not something of the sexual sense. It was fact the very opposite of that. Hanging with Alexander was REALLY enjoyable, especially where I learned that he does professional co-splay as a job (to which I would totally do...if I knew what I could be cause I really have no idea). AND he took me on my very first motorcycle ride EVER (where I would like to point out, being a short person it is nearly impossible for me to get on ANYTHING that comes up to my waist. Did I feel like a clutz? ...Yes.Yes I did). 
Pic taken my teh lovely how does she get all the good takes?

Anywho! Later we met up with Sheila, Pickles, and friends at the bar where I learned that if you want to impersonate someone, you must look the part. And I mean that by "Holy crap this guy is STRONG!". He was buff, he was jacked, he was whatever you wanted to call it. He was strong and I was amazed by it lol
And so came Sunday and we decided to chill at the SCAD booth (an invitation that we accepted from my Professor Dove). 

Now what threw me off guard was when I had a chance to actually sit at the table, a few people came up and were looking for my work. I offered to draw a sketch, they said yes and so I did. 

During my brain focusing on sketching, I was able to catch these few words:  "These are my last $10..." 

My initial response was "Whu...?"

I had gotten a commission O.o and after that my brain was like "Holy crap I got money!". It was my only paid commission of the day, which is fine with me cause it actually got other peoples attention. I got to talk a lot of people on the last day and pass out business cards, even Josh Adams stopped by and I gave him a card :D (With Mewstache Kitty on every business card I passed out). 

I had one last commission before I left, and that was to Alexander. Twas a pic of him playing rugby (How awesome is that? XD) and I tried my best to make it look awesome.

 How cool, he took a picture of me :D

Anywho, after some goodbyes ( and hugs, cause hugs are important ), Sheila and I left on our trip back to Savannah. Singing Beatles songs from Across the Universe, My Chemical Romance, and counting down the exits, we drove until we could just crash on our beds and just veg out. 

Heroes Con twas fun and I cant wait till next year :D

Mewstache Kitty sends his love :3

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