Sunday, June 5, 2011


So yusss I has more pics, and there will be more once I get them from my friend. HOWEVER, I was able to take some with ma magical space phone and here they be.

 This be the lovely Sheila :3 My friend who accompanied me to Heroes Con and we spent oodles of time together. We were at a pizza shop and she POSED FOR ME :D

...Yeah its Dove, my professor from SCAD lol He be posing in the after hours of Heroes Con where peoples were mingling.
 This pic was taken a few blocks from the convention center and I thought the perspective of this place was just plain AWESOME. There was some fancy shmancy movie theatre there and we went and saw Kund Fu Panda 2 (WHICH WAS AWESOME)
 Now for the real stuff: HOW AWESOME IS THIS!

These two boys were so adorable, especially Mini-Flash. I loves the Flash and I was so happy to see Mini-Flash cause he was SO CUTE! XD my geekiness cause me to squeal due to the cuteness lol

So yeah, you knew it was going to happen lol This guy was completely decked out with the Batman outfit, complete Dark Knight. I saw him once before, but then he just so happen to walk by the SCAD booth so I got a good picture of him. I thought it was awesome.
 So here be the Batman again with Commissioner Gordon and the Scare Crow. The umbrella in the background is the Joker.

 This is one of my favorites lol The Joker is on vacation! XD
So this be all the stuff I gots from Heroes Con. The Batman Print at the top was done by Jason Metcalf (HE WAS AWESOME!) and this print is just phenomenal.

I got Becky Cloonan's new mini comic "Wolves" and her collection of Minis.

I got Cheek's book! Its so awesome! He was the coolest guy to talk to, he was so nice and I had gotten a chance to show him some of my work and he gave me a few pointers. Thank you Cheeks! And I got a free headsketch of the Flash :D

Then I gots "Distillum" which is by Sarah "Pickles" Dill from SCAD. She be a grad student and she is awesome lol

There's a whole bunch of other stuff like the "Transformers Animated: The Allspark Almanac", which is a given considering anything Transformers I'm going to get considering I AM a Transformers fan. I got a parody of Transformers called "The Incredible Change-Bots" by TopShelf, which is hilarious.

Then there was the multitude of business cards I got, some of them arent in this pic though (I'll make sure to add them in the next round of pics). I got a card from Josh Adams (:D yay!) and Jason MetCalf, and the SUPERMAN cause he was so awesome lol

So anywho, those be some pics, like I said I will post more. I have some artwork in the works that I will be posting soon, so expect something soon.


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