Monday, August 22, 2011

Insomnia can make you think of some weird things...

Well I have an explanation for this one. 

You see for the pass couple weeks I havent been able to get a decent nights sleep. Usually due to the fact that I'm trying to make everyone happy by drawing commissions and/or comics. Not that I'm complaining, in fact I really do ENJOY the requests. Just the downside is I dont sleep much...or never.

SO while trying to get to sleep last night...or this morning, I kept thinking of various things that could maybe get me to sleep. Dreams, fantasies, or maybe just counting sheep; it all lead to this little concoction that you see now. 

Truth be told, I've actually been doodling my 'RIN' character for a little while now. Just now I felt the need to exploit her a bit. 

And with a hint of Mewstache Kitty (who I need to draw more) in there for your (or whoever decides to ACTUALLY read this page) viewing pleasure.


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