Monday, May 2, 2011

Batman Preview

This was something I did as practice. A sample page for editors day.


  1. Critique, Page one Panel 1
    The Guy's shirts is way too stretchy, for how far back he's going down and Batman's legs are making a serious tangent with his legs. His hand also looks a wee bit too teeny in panel 3.

    Page two. The first two panels are not an effective way to shot Batman lifting him up. I don't necessarily buy the gesture. It just looks awkward. It could have possibly been pulled off if it were a longer panel so the viewer could see his legs dangling.

    I'd vary the camera angles you use for storying telling effect. Batman's dominance could be established quicker with a few choice angle changes that emphasize him on top and villain on the bottom.

    In panel three the thugs eyes are a little close together.

    On panel 2 as a whole the thugs looks a long younger in the start and back to being old on the bottom.

    also on the second page, are their two thugs? Why is that guy behind him now?

    The pluses,On the first page your punching and running gestures are very strong and the bat mobile looks sick.

  2. Bleh typos:
    *A lot