Saturday, May 14, 2011

SO Yay Editors Day and other good stuff

So went to Editors Day, went to Cartoon Network Panel, then got feedback from an editor.

Plain and simple: Still gotta work on proportions and perspective. Oh and coloring...and inking...Okay so he didnt say anything about color or inking. BUT I feel the need to learn it cause despite the fact that I enjoy everything in black and white, thats not how reality is. Nor is it what editors or publishing peoples want.

Yet black and white seems SO. MUCH. EASIER. 

Would help if I knew anything about photoshop. I dont know jack! @__@ I feel like digital coloring is going to be hard on me >__< when I take it of course...

I'm also going to be dedicating most of my summer to at least two things: 1) Finding a job (hopefully I can actually get one) and 2) Working on my artwork so I dont suck...

So yeah...twas blah

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