Monday, July 18, 2011

Back from Vacation

Finally back home.

Did I have a fun time? Why yes, yes I did.

It was chalk full of sun, sand, salty ocean water and the occasional crazy drunk person speaking to you in the elevator.

I had gone to the beach and did the usual, actually swam in the water for the first time since the appalling Jelly-fish incident (I WILL have my revenge!). I had worked on some comics and sketched, though for the most part just hung out with family and went to the beach.

We had some...hilarious complications.

One being that we dealt with "Fail-tent", which was a beach canopy that didnt exactly live up to our expectations when assembling it, yet it DID serve its purpose (after my uncle had tried putting it together for 2 hours in the baking sun). During the week we never took it down, so every morning we checked if anyone with enough patience to deal with the "fail -tent" would actually take the time to steal it.

It was still there. Every morning. Until my uncle took it down the night before we left lol
So yeah, I had fun. I has pictures though my phone is being lame at the moment and wont let me post them.


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