Friday, July 8, 2011

Vacation...Might Help...

So tomorrow I'm gonna be leaving for a week to go to Tampa. Reason being family members invited me for to spend time with them at a condo at the beach.

I accepted it because I kinda need it. Considering all I really do is stay in my apartment and draw or go to the gym. Dont really get out much or really talk to many people anymore. Searching for a part time job still, yet my hope has officially dwindled to a tiny, withering form, dying in the corner.

My summer (with the exception of heroes con and seeing Transformers 3) hasnt really been all that great. So I'm hoping that this week at the beach will be a little rejuvenating.  I'm up all night as it is, I dont really get to my bed until maybe 4 in the morning cause I'm focusing so much on trying to get artwork finished. I look like a raccoon (or a zombie, whichever you prefer) right now, so seeing me isnt really a pretty sight.

Dont worry, I'll be working on the comic book stuffs even when I'm at the beach. I have to constantly keep working or I'll lose the routine I guess.

Anywho, I am going to try and sleep.

If not I'm going to have to rely on an energy shot for the five hour drive.

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