Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Start out sketch...kinda made it to the end

I need sugar @__@

Anywho! Those of you already know who this is, and for those of you who dont: Tis Yoketron, master of Circuit-Su…or however you spell it.

So yeah, its Yoketron and all his awesomeness. I wasnt quite sure what kind of weapon he uses so I went with the bo-staff jive I was feeling.

I dont own TF Animted


  1. Our anthology is a private self-published project and isn't affiliated with SCAD in any way a side from the fact it's everyone's eventual Alma Mater. It sounds nit picky but I have to organize the funding for it and this isn't the sort of press that helps because it is misleading. The department anthology and the club anthology are not affiliated with us. Please promote the actual anthology group because its in our better interests.

  2. Dang girl, you totally have a future drawing robots! This is excellent!